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Another Accident On September 25, 2014 and yet VDOT and Henrico County does not seem to care.  What will happen when a School Bus Gets hit?

will they listen then?

How many more accidents needs to take place before we address this overused roadway?  The County Of Henrico had 37 YEARS TO FIX THIS...AND THEY DID NOTHING.   Why has VDOT never addressed or funded this roadway?  Why did Dick Glover stop Nuckols Road?
They Think They can Keep us quiet....the county and state has tried to prevent this roadway issues from being exposed.  Yet they do nothing....but do even more studies.
I can't go.....but we can still document..

Upcoming Public Information Meeting

VDOT will hold a public information meeting to share results from a recent study to determine whether cost-effective improvements can be made to the existing two mile stretch of Springfield Road (Route 157) between Nuckols Road and Staples Mill Road (Route 33) in Henrico County to improve safety and reduce congestion or if a new, alternate roadway should be constructed. 

WHEN: Tuesday, January 29, 2013, 5-7 p.m.

WHERE: Glen Allen High School auditorium, 10700 Staples Mill Road, Glen Allen, VA 23060

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Click Here for Study Two........see how many accidents we have.


The History!

Dear Mr. Melancon:


I received your voicemail this morning in reference to Springfield Road.


Springfield Road was originally conceived in the mid-1970s as a four lane roadway. It is listed as a major collector on the County’s Major Thoroughfare Plan and is an important component of the plan. It will enhance access and traffic movement in this portion of the County. It has been on the Thoroughfare Plan since 1974.


Every development adjacent to this corridor was planned with Springfield Road in mind. Subdivisions, including Springcreek, Claytonshire, Linsey Lakes, Eddleton Estates, Elinor Springs, and Milbrooke dedicated right-of-way for the relocation so that no subdivision would be divided, to minimize construction activities on existing properties in the future, and to improve the safety of the Springfield Road Corridor. The same process was used on the portion of Springfield Road near Nuckols Road where the developers dedicated right-of-way for the road widening.


Any construction of Springfield Road will be performed by the Virginia Department of Transportation. They are required to hold a Public Hearing to get citizen input for the construction of the roadway. They are currently seeking funding to begin design of the roadway, however, we do not know when they will begin to start the Public Information process, nor do we know when they will have funding to proceed with construction. The project is estimated to cost $22M and a funding source for the balance of $20M has not been identified in the current draft VDOT Six Year Improvement Plan. 


Based on the growth of the County, Springfield Road will serve as an important roadway within this area. It will provide relieve to the very curvy and narrow portion of Springfield Road that exists today. 


We have also requested that VDOT review the intersection of Springfield Road and Francistown Road to determine if a traffic signal or any other change in traffic control is warranted at this time. They are in the process of reviewing that now.


Tim Foster, P.E.

Director of Public Works

County of Henrico - Department of Public Works
P.O. Box 90775 Henrico, VA 23273-0775

804.501.4393 phone | 804.501.7470 fax

UPDATED September, 2011

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    20 Years Ago VDOT along with the County Of Henrico developed a "Plan Of Development"

    The County saw a need to realign this roadway due to increased development.  It didn't happen......we will address what happend and why this vital roadway has not been completed. 

    Just like "In Search Of" back in the 70's this web site will be "In Search Of" the facts and issues as to why this has not been completed.

    We now have over 2,000 homes, Echo Lake Elementary School, Hungary Creek Middle and a New High School opening up in 2010.  The question needs to be asked.  Can this road handle the increased traffic that will pass everyday on this poorly designed road?

    Below Is a correspondence from VDOT...This is a full 2 years ago and accidents keep happening on this dangerous road.
    This Road is VERY CHALLENGING!! Again... It all comes down to MONEY.  This Project has been on the plans for over 20 years.  How much is a life worth?

    Dated 9/12/2007

    Ellis, Lezlie wrote:

    Dear Mr. Melancon,

    The reconstruction of Springfield Road is not in the current Six Year Improvement Program due to funding issues, but is in our long range plan.  In 2004, VDOT did reduce the speed limit on Springfield Road to 35 mph.  The study indicated that the accidents during the study period were reported as "driver inattention," "miscellaneous," and "weather/visibility."  There were no speed related accidents during the
    study period.  

    Please feel free to contact me if you have any additional questions.
    Lezlie H. Ellis
    Acting Residency Administrator
    VDOT Sandston Residency
    ph: (804) 328-3097
    fax: (804) 328-3041

    County Of Henrico Responds

    Dear Ms. Ellis and Mr. Ridder:

    I am forwarding an e-mail message
    sent to the County Manager regarding
    the schedule for major road work
    on Springfield Road (Route 157).
    Since Springfield Road is a VDOT
    maintained roadway, I would request
    that you respond directly to
    Mr. Melancon and copy Mr. Hazelett,
    Mr. Priestas and me.

    Thank you for your help.

    Robert K. Pinkerton, P.E.
    Deputy County Manager for
    Community Operations County
    of Henrico

    Picture Of Accident..Truck went off the road

    Accident Claims 58 year old

    Traffic on a typical day

    Approaching the most Dangerous T Section I have ever seen

    At this T Section you have car's going right...
    You have cars going left...........
    You have cars going through right
    You have cars going through left
    And you have cars making a left blocking your view of cars going through.
    And we expect this T section to handle at least another 1,000 vehicle trips a day due to increased High School Traffic?

    Our Mission Statement
    To let our Government see the issues we face on this roadway everyday.
    To highlight the need to fund this roadway.
    To make our government understand the increased traffic the New High School will bring to this roadway.

    To find a solution before more people need to be hurt or worse.....killed.

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